Edward Suomin

a leader of an authentic self-development school
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  1. Aikido is rather a religion than a fight system. Aikido has derived from the budo world.
  2. Aikido is rather a technology than a belief system. Aikido is a technology of self reengineering.
If one can hold these two ideas harmoniously together in their mind, the one is ready to progress with the help of this incredible instrument of self-development.

Edward Suomin has progressed as a martial artist in several disciplines, but his real achievement can be attributed to the discovery of Aikido as the instrument of human transformation: from destructive to creative. Edward Suomin has discovered how the other side, the good (Divine) nature of a human being can be revealed with the instrument of Aikido. Being already a human nature scientist, Edward Suomin has written a  series of articles about his discovery and explained the process of internal changes in details including the mechanics, which is self-purification process.

The Practice of SELF Development

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Edward Suomin believes that the world will come to the point when the ideas (mindset) revealed in the practice NOW will be realized (found) as the basis of the global community values in the FUTURE. The practitioner is always one step closer to the future state of the world with clarity in perception.

Competition now is a major driving force for ‘self-development’. In the future, you will be attracted by other than championship ‘benefits’ as the model for self-identification meanwhile being entirely satisfied and realized. Truly! Reveal the alternative not by comparing your SELF to others, but rather ‘systemizing’ your SELF with others. ‘Systemizing,” in its essence, is something that we learn in our practice.

Skill is only a technical outcome of the practice. Your motive to gain the skill itself is something that fails you. It’s not just another instrument to feed your SELF (ego) by learning how to dominate over others (be better at something than others). Your FUTURE concern is deferent. Reveal it NOW: search for the meaning (of your life) and be ready to look at your SELF. Only then can you find what kind of instrument our practice is and really progress.

Discovering the Path

Internal Discoveries

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Edward Suomin has been always in the process of improving his intellectual and physical abilities. His questions were: What is real progress? What is real improvement? What is ultimate success? He found interest in analyzing motivational forces standing behind patterns of human behavior. The search for meaning and life experience had been pushing Edward to a very important discovery. At some point in life, Edward has come to understanding the origins of limitations in the inborn human nature and has found out that the solution was there with him. From that moment he started looking at everything from a totally different perspective.

Edward Suomin is presenting Aikido as the practical art which gives a participant access to the creational forces originally absent in the inborn human nature. Edward explains that the True Aikido Practitioner allows these creational forces to build the new Human Icon inside their living entity. With the new sensorship practitioners have access to much broader layers of the reality discovering the facts and qualities which formerly seemed abstract and could be ignored or misinterpreted by immature perception. With each step, the practitioners increase clarity and comprehension of the real state of things.

SAA Aikido Labs

The SAA Aikido Labs

laboratory for SELF development

Edward Suomin explains how the SELF development practice can give the practitioners access to the better side of Human essence. This access is gained by special efforts within properly organized environment. The essence of the practice is self-analysis which leads to the internal discoveries. The rules of such practice organization resulted in the formation of the SAA AikiLab concept.

Edward Suomin promotes SAA AikiLabs network worldwide. The SAA AikiLab concept is the focused environment organized by the Aikido practitioners to discover their hidden perceptual abilities and eventually realize their Human potential. The participants unite to work on themselves with the instrument of Aikido. Being the Art of Peace, Aikido serves as the vehicle for the internal transformations of the practitioners: they develop the sensorship to expand their perception of the Reality. They discover that the naturally unclaimed potential is nowhere else but ‘among people’, and this potential can be realized with a special instrument of the True Aikido practice.

The Practice for Beginners

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In order to offer the first comprehensive set of educational materials about the SELF development practice for the beginners, Edward Suomin has systematized his 12-year research of Aikido phenomenon and teaching experience into the Preparation Cycle Program, which was issued in 2012 and now stands as the foundation of the SAA methodology. This program allows beginners to prepare for the Aikido practice and build a solid foundation for the future consistent progress in SELF development. This Program of Aikido studies is suitable for any beginner with or without related experience and is available at the web site of Suomin Aikido Academy.

Other Biographical Facts

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Besides interests in martial arts and philosophy, Edward Suomin was successful in his academic studies at school and also university. He has a graduate degree in business and diplomatic studies from an American international university located in Vienna, Austria. Edward also has professional work experience in management consulting. By addressing to his education and personal insights, Edward has been providing business consulting services to help companies maintain their sustainability: strategy assessment, operations improvement, team building, internal management systems. But lately, envisioning the importance, Edward is more occupied by communicating his SELF development methodology to the world.

Social Impact

Social Impact

Ultimate Value

By going through self-purification process within the SELF development practice, participates reinvent themselves as better parents, coworkers, spouses, better members of the society. It happens because they do not attribute themselves with a ‘shallow winner’ here and there by opposing themselves to others any more, but rather they realize how ‘systemizing’ with others allow them to fulfill their life potential. They become more sensitive to different phenomenon, and they really widen their perception to see how everything is interconnected. They reveal harmony of the Upper nature and find place within it.

Edward Suomin believes such people are more open to implementation of the most progressive ideas facilitating improvements in every aspect of social life. FUTURE: no wars of any kind. Equality in global order. Economies will automatically become efficient. Many other overwhelming positive outcomes. And the cost is only personal effort transformed into the creative and sustainable mindset nurtured by the SELF development practice.